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December 3, 2016

Trudeau Identifies Conservatives as White Nationalists

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Justin Trudeau has just identified Conservative supporters in Canada as White Nationalists. This will come as news to most of them, but it’s good news for us. The Little Potato has made a crucial mistake.

Prime Minister Trudeau, Sept. 21, 2016.

Prime Minister Trudeau attacks Canadian white nationalists

The quote comes from an interview with The Toronto (Red) Star via CIJ News and Blazing Cat Fur. Here it is:

The Star’s reporters, Peter Goffin and Alex Ballingall, twitted snippets from the Q & A session during which Trudeau portrayed former Prime Minster Stephan Harper as a leader who was identified with “white nationalism”:

Peter Goffin @petergoffin:

Trudeau says by voting against Harper‘s “old stock Canadians” viewpoint, Canadians were choosing not to embrace white nationalism

I think it’s very important we acknowledge the diverse range of voices in this country in all different sides of the spectrum and make sure we have heard them whether or not we agree with them as much as they would like,” says Trudeau.”

This is an enormous mistake because he’s telling the 31.9 percent of Canadians who voted for Harper that they’re “old stock” and that they voted for white nationalism whether they know it or not. That’s some 5,597,565 Canadians Trudeau has called white nationalists.

This is exactly the same mistake Hillary Clinton made when she highlighted the Alt-Right  by condemning it.

Oh, Shiny Pony, keep it up.

December 1, 2016

Kellie Leitch: The Alt-Right Candidate of Canada?

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If we wait for the perfect candidate to arrive on his white war-horse to save us all with one stroke of his sword, we will be waiting forever.” Anon.

Kellie Leitch

Kellie Leitch

Immigration reformers, social conservatives and ethnic nationalists have been emboldened by Donald Trump’s win in the United States, but we’re still very much a target for politicians, the media, big business and academia here in Canada. Having an historic change next door doesn’t insulate us from being carpet bombed by Social Justice Warriors, Cultural Marxists, Islamophiles, Immigration advocates or Big Business.

Indeed, if a political candidate with even some of our views dares to stick his or her head above ground, he or she is immediately attacked as a racist, fascist or worse.

Now think what I just said. Our opponents go completely bat-sh*t crazy when some politician says some otherwise common sense thing opponents take to be the thin edge of the racial awakening of ordinary Canadians. It’s as if they have their antenna out for even a whiff of ethnic nationalism in order to stamp it out.

I know why they’re so anxious; why they’re so afraid. They know in their guts ethnic awakening will sweep the nation once a spark can keep burning despite the hailstorm of abuse. They’re right to be afraid because the entire Canadian multiculturalism edifice is built on a false premise; that family, ethnicity and race doesn’t matter. In the end, biology will come back to bite Progressives as it has done everywhere in the world where Progressives and Communists (but I repeat myself) have tried to ignore it.

That’s down the road; the eventual collapse of multiculturalism is the light at the end of the tunnel.

For the moment we can use these attacks for our own purposes. We can turn Social Justice Warrors into scent hounds to sniff out the people and policies we should support. They, misguided and short-sighted as they are, can show us exactly where our efforts should be concentrated. They can identify which politician we should support and vote for.

Right now all the hounds are pointing at Kellie Leitch,  the M.P. for Simcoe-Grey, and candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. They hate her because she has called for screening all visitors, refugees and immigrants for Canadian Values.

Why is that a bad thing you ask? Because it would effectively eliminate true believers in Islam who, according to the Koran, do not believe in Canadian civic, legal or moral values. It would also screen out Islamist terrorists who pray to Allah when committing their crimes. In other words, it would put a pause on Muslim immigration very similar to the new policy in the United States. And yes, Progressives hate her for it.

Kellie Leitch is emminently qualified to be the Conservative Leader, having previously been Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and Minister of Labour and Minister for the Status of Women. She is Catholic, pro-life and a paediatric surgeon (being the latter is why she is the former). That’s another reason Progressives don’t like her; they don’t mind Syrian women with five children but native Canadians, no way.

As I write this, Dr. Leitch has come out in favour of letting Canadians carry pepper spray for personal defence. There’ll be outrage over that too. Progressives believe the Police should protect you, and if they aren’t there when you’re attacked, too bad.

Does this mean Kellie Leitch is the perfect candidate, no. And it doesn’t mean she won’t be pushed off message, or off policies in the future. Indeed, nothing in politics is guaranteed. However, as long as the Left is attacking her, as long as she’s being vilified by Progressives, we know she’s on the right track.

For this, for now, she deserves our support.

November 27, 2016

First Hijab-Wearing News Anchor in Canada

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Mark Nov. 17, 2016 on your calendar; that was the night Ginella Massa became the first hijab-wearing news anchor in Canada.

Ginella Massa makes history

Ginella Massa makes history

Ms Massa is pretty pumped about it. She wrote on her Facebook page, “That’s a wrap! Thankful to have opportunities like this at a time when there is so much hate and vilifying of Muslims.”

She adds, ” Looking forward to the day when it’s no longer a big deal for someone who looks like me to be anchoring a newscast.”

Well, here’s the thing. When Muslim newscasters become no longer a big deal it’ll be because Islam will have become as dominant in Canada as it is in Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. What will be true in the newsroom, will of course be true elsewhere in society with all the horrors Islam has for women in terms of clothing, status, rights and even their own bodies.

Female genital mutilation, pre-teen marriage, cousin marriage; it’s all coming down the road, a road started by the innocent-looking, and no doubt charming, Ginella Massa.

Thanks a bunch.

And thanks City News and Rogers Media for organizing this little bit of history. We won’t forget that either.

Note: an earlier version of this story called Ms Massa the first “hijab-wearing newscaster.” The correct designation is the first hijab-wearing news anchor.

November 24, 2016

How Dogs, Cows and Horses Explain Race, History and the Rise of the West

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Anyone indoctrinated in Progressive ideas of race, history and the rise of the West should understand exactly where I’m coming from with this essay. The difference between me and them is that I think the West, purely through luck, was given some magic pixi dust from the Middle East. Confused? Read on.

just imagine a smart hippopotamus

just imagine a smart hippopotamus

A thought experiment. We know Border Collies are very smart dogs. One Border Collie named Chaser has learned the names of 1,022 individual items. Border collies can herd hundreds of sheep in any direction with instructions given by whistles. As I say, smart as a whip and lovely, if hyperactive, pets. On the other hand, we know the hippopotamus, or ‘river horse’, weighs 3,300 lbs., can run at 20 mph, has 20-inch canines and causes more human deaths than any other large animal. Not a pet. Now, imagine if hippos were as smart as Border Collies. In a matter of months they would have all the other animals in Africa herded in pens, trampled to death or busy planting grassland for their dining pleasure.

In short being big and aggressive, or small and intelligent, isn’t a species-winning strategy. What’s needed is exactly the right combination of smarts and aggression. Too smart and you rest on your laurels; too aggressive and you’re always fighting with other members of your species.

We know aggression is inheritable from our real-world experience with animals; especially dogs, cows and horses. Here are a few examples. I’ve already mentioned how Border Collies are smart, well some other breeds have been bred for aggression, notably Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinchers, Rotweillers, German Shepherds and Bulldogs. In cattle the breeding has gone both ways: in Spain bulls are bred for aggression, in Holland Holsteins have been bred for docility. Likewise with horses. Thoroughbreds can be as tempermental as ballet dancers, but draft horses, like Clidesdales, can put up with practically anything and remain calm, even under cannon fire.  None of these attributes is accidental.

OK, back to European and world history. I’m not going to argue with Progressives over whether race is an observable fact, or where the races stand in relation to each other. You can read, or hear, all of this elsewhere, such as here. What I am going to point to is the historical fact that European nations, the “West” in other words, rose to prominence and proceeded to expand around the world: the Dutch Empire, the Portuguese Empire, the Spanish Empire, the British Empire, the French Empire and the Russian Empire to name the big ones (there were others). This is generally described as the rise of the west. How and why did it happen?

My thesis is that European man was made up of exactly the right combination of intelligence and aggression to out fight, out manoeuvre and out hustle all the other races in the world. Champlain and the Iroquois, Cortez and the Aztecs and Pizarro and the Incas are examples enough, but there were also the British in India, the Portuguese in Brazil, the Dutch in Africa.

Progressives agree with this history, but they call it by pejorative names such as “colonialism,” “racialism” and “imperialism.” You can agree or disagree with these labels, but neither they nor I disagree over what’s being labelled. The Aztecs, for all their violence, did not invade Europe. They, like a lot of other peoples, found themselves at the wrong end of a musket.

Now, what else can this theory explain? It’s very good at explaining the endemic violence and warfare of Africa and the ability of Arabs to capture and sell Africans into slavery despite the overwhelming ratio of Africans to Arabs. Likewise, it’s good at explaining the Chinese who with admirable intelligence invented gunpowder, paper and much else, but who did not go on an empire building mission (with several notable exceptions). It’s also pretty good at explaining the Japanese who are just as smart and aggressive as Europeans, and who made exactly the same mistake in WWII (before starting a war, add up the numbers).

What about Europe itself? What happens if a very smart, very aggressive bunch of countries inhabit the same relatively small continent? War, war, war is what happens; culminating with the Franco-Prussian war, WWI and WWII. The second world war was as bad as it was because Europeans are very, very good at fighting. Had the Germans been up against anyone other than the Russians, Americans and British, the war would have been over in 1941. Imagine if they had decided to invade Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia with 3.8 million soldiers instead of the Soviet Union. We’d all be buying gas from German companies.

And what of us? What does this mean for North Americans? The most important thing it means is that multiculturalism will be the end of the European race. Progressives think this is a good thing; end white priviledge they yell, along with Black Lives Matter and Not My President.

But if we end the European race we will also end European culture, European scientific advances and almost everything we hold near and dear like individual rights, honest government and peaceful societies. Before we, and they, agree to turn Canada into Brazil, have a look at the crime statistics (Brazil 24.6 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, Canada 1.4 per 100,000) or American ones for that matter (3.9 per 100,000).

Multiculturalism and multiracism means an end to the European genetic advantage.

And before I leave; what was the Middle Eastern pixi dust I mentioned? The concepts of free will, property ownership, monogamy, self-defence and the ethnic nation-state; all of which come straight from the Jews of Israel via Christianity and the Roman Empire. We barbarians hardly deserved that mana from Heaven but we sure went a long way with it.

November 20, 2016

Whites, the New Visible Minority

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White Europeans have a new reality to confront; like the African elephant, once powerful in the animal world, we risk being wiped out as a species. The great question now to be answered is whether we’ll realize what’s happening before it’s too late to do anything about it.

Our preference

Last of the species?

Whites are a minority in the world population and always have been. In 1950, whites were 28 percent of world population. The National Policy Institute in Augusta, Ga. says by 2060 people of European descent will have fallen to 9.8 percent. We are, as a race, on the same path as the Whooping Crane a few years ago, and for the same reason.

The reason; in a word, fertility. Europeans now have the lowest fertility rate in history. Austria is down to 1.4 children per female, Poland is down to 1.3, Portugal 1.2. The rate needed for simple replacement is 2.1, so all these countries will, if trends continue, cease to exist. The rest of Europe isn’t far behind; the number for the European Union as a whole is 1.6. It’s fair to say white Europeans are in a death spiral; fewer people have fewer children, and so on until oblivion.

Meanwhile, much of the rest of the world is going gangbusters (with some notable exceptions, Singapore 0.8). For example Rwanda is 8.2, Libya 7.9, Syria 7.6 and Zambia 7.4.  Looking at the numbers, it’s obvious why Angela Merkel decided to open the door of Germany (1.4) to millions of Middle Eastern, Asian and African economic migrants. Like a winemaker short of wine, she’s topping up the barrel.

The problem with her plan, and the plan of other European countries and President Obama’s America, is that the new wine isn’t as good as the old wine and pretty soon the whole barrel is going to taste off.

How can I say that? Isn’t everyone, every race, the same? Without going into statistical detail, it’s obvious that if everyone were the same the countries from which these economic migrants were migrating would be the same or better than the European countries they were moving to.  Since they aren’t, it’s clear their migrants won’t be an asset to Europe, they’ll be a drain on increasingly over burdened taxpayers. Clear to any real-world analysis. Unfortunately, to Progressives, since they believe in nurture not nature, it’s not clear at all. They’re convinced that a few special education courses and a handful of brochures will turn Liberans into Italians, Nigerians into Frenchmen and Syrians into Germans.

Of course if that were true, 150 years as free men would turn West Africans into Americans which, as we see on the news each night, hasn’t happened and isn’t likely to happen in our lifetime or ever. The Black Lives Matter movement and the New Black Panther Party show us that nothing has changed despite numerous efforts over decades to change things for Blacks in America.

But put all this aside, put away concerns over race war or the erosion of trust between communities, let’s just talk about how it’s going to feel to be a statistical minority in the Europe and America of the future. We know it’s coming because, as I’ve shown you, demography is destiny. Europe will become a Muslim contintent with a large African and Middle Eastern majority. America will become a Latin country, speaking Spanish, with a large Mexican and Central American majority. What will it be like for the dwindling number of whites?

This is actually very easy to simulate. All you have to do is to travel to any of the countries these immigrants are coming from. Don’t go to the tourist traps, they’re protected for the tourist dollars; travel to small and medium size cities in Mexico, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Mingle with the people, eat in the restaurants, experience the sound and smells of these countries. Very soon, sooner than you expect, you’ll start to feel a profound feeling of being alone, of emptiness, of isolation. You’ll be isolated by the language, the food, the music, and by something hard to describe but easy to feel: a sense that you don’t know how the society works. Before long you’ll want to leave.

And, today, you can. You can get on an airplane with a Western pilot and fly back to Canada in a few hours. The sense of relief you feel when you arrive is palpable when you find yourself surrounded by white faces speaking English. Enjoy this feeling while you can because in the future it won’t be there.

In the future there’ll be no home to fly back to, no escape from the racial, cultural and linguistic hell-hole that you’re building today for your grandchildren tomorrow.

All this doesn’t answer the question, will Whites wake up before it’s too late to take action? We’re like the frog in the pot of water. It’s getting warmer but will we jump out? This isn’t a theoretical question. It’s a question for you to answer in your life, speaking to your family, talking with your friends. This isn’t something to put off, it’s something to put on. Race and racial identity is the central issue of the 21st Century. You can play your part; indeed, you must play your part.

This is war; a war for the preservation of Western Civilization. To win it, we must know what we’re fighting for. If you want to know what that is, look into the mirror, look at your wife or girlfriend, look at your children. Our forefathers fought for us; now, will we fight for future generations?

November 18, 2016

The Singapore Grip: What a British Defeat in WWII tells us about Multiracialism

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Justin Trudeau tells us “diversity is our strength,” a slogan parroted by leftists, Progressives and multiculturalists as if it’s revealed truth. Has he checked? Has anyone reviewed world history to see if multiculturalism is a workable concept? Apparently not. Take the Fall of Singapore for example.


The Singapore Grip is a work of fiction by J.G. Farrell that documents the actual Battle of Malaya and the Fall of Singapore in WWII. In other words, the characters are made up but the situations described are all too real. It’s a wonderful work, on a par with one of Lawrence Durrell’s novels in the Alexandria Quartet, and you can read it simply for the pleasure of doing so. However, I’m referring to it here for the description it contains of what happened in real life when the Japanese invaded Malaya.

Remember that Malaya was made of of several different racial groups of which the Malays, Indians and Chinese made up the largest and the English one of the smallest. As the war begins, the Japanese land on the coast and begin to advance down the Malay penninsula foiling every British attempt to stem the tide. Here’s Farrell speaking as the Major, a retired British officer:

“Now rumours had reached Mr. Wu, who had business contacts in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Kuantan, that civil disorders, looting and inter-racial strife was spreading like a shock-wave in front of the advancing Japanese bayonets. In some places the retreating Briitsh troops, instructed to destroy stores that might be of value to the enemy, had set the example by looting jewellers and liquor ships, eagerly assisted by the local population and even by the police who had discarted their uniforms and joined in with a will. Open season had been declared on anything of value left behind. A cloud of locusts descended on every abandoned European bungalow: in no time it was stripped of everything down to light-bulbs, door-handles and bathroom fittings. When European bungalows had all been stripped, the looters turned to those abandoned by rich Chinese, Indians and Malays . . . and, presently, to those that had not been abandoned, stripping them regardless, and if the owners did not promptly produce his valuables, torturing him until he did.

This discription, and more, causes another character, a Briton named Matthew to ask a third person in the room a question:

“But wait, Francois. The laws of a country are merely the wish of people to live in a certain way. Remove the laws for a few days anhd you don’t expect anarchy to result overnight, any more than by abolishing road regulations you would expect motorists to pick at random which side of the road they would drive on. Laws aren’t a means of coercing a population of wild animals, but an agreement between people.”

Certainly the idealist’s view of the world, but of course if the “people” are different, so are the results. Francois, a more worldly observer, puts Matthew in the picture.

“. . . in a country like Malaya such an ideal community is impossible because people belong to different races and only have self-interest in common. A brotherhood of man? Rubbish!”

So, to summarize, when push came to shove and the legal framework of society was removed, the races split into their constituent parts and began raiding each other, starting with the rich (English) homes. This happened in Yugoslavia, Lebanon, India and many other countries later, and it will happen again in the future, because man is a tribal, racial animal. Any suggestion that there is such a thing as universal law is, as Francois says, “rubbish.”

Something to keep in mind when you see the Liberal government keen as mustard to bring in hundreds of thousands of third world non-Europeans to create new racial communities in Canada.

November 16, 2016

The Incredible Arrogance and Stupidity of Free Traders

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There are examples of it every day, usually in the business section of newspapers, but often in news quotes from Progressive leaders like Prime Minister Trudeau. The statements make two points: that free trade is good for the West and that it’s inevitable. Both points are dead wrong.

Chinese products heading for America

Chinese products heading for America, American jobs heading to China

I’ll take one representative example, an article by Michael Auslin entitled Free Trade Under Fire in the National Post Nov. 15, 2016. Auslin is a member of the Halifax International Security Forum Agenda Working Group and the author of The End of the Asian Century: War, Stagnation, and the Risks to the World’s Most Dynamic Region (Yale). You’d think he’d know what he’s talking about, but no. Let’s take a couple of examples. He writes about the “international system:” (my bold)

At the core of that system lies free trade. Far from being merely an economic agreement between states, free trade is fundamental to the existence of liberal order. It presupposes the assumption of a clearly articulated rule of law and promotes ever tighter bonds between trading partners, as well as domestic development.

Over time, it leads to domestic liberalization and development, primarily through the expansion of the crucial middle class, and promotes enhanced state relations, both regionally and globally. These ties spill over onto political relations, forging an enduring community of interests, itself furthering the development of a liberal community.

Strip away all the political back slapping and what do you get, the assertion that free trade expands the middle class. Well, yes, in Asia, where millions of pesants are now apartment-dwelling car owners. But in America? Here, millions of American working men have lost their jobs as factories closed and moved to . . . China. If promoting Chinese prosperity is what Auslin means by that phrase he’s quite right, but if he’s talking about the United States he’s dead wrong. There’s more. (Again, my bold)

Providing a robust, rules-based order that privileges ever greater exchange in Asia is the best way to ensure that illiberal elements do not become dominant in either political or economic relations. This is not to ignore real concerns about the short- and medium-term effects of free trade. Ensuring continued trade liberalization unquestionably benefits consumers, yet governments in America and abroad have done too little to encourage entrepreneurialism and help workers move into new roles as old markets dry up.

Old markets dry up? Where do you suppose those “old markets” were? Yes, the United States. In short, Chinese manufacturing, at lower cost, has raised a new Chinese middle class and swamped the American market for goods, thus drying up markets for American workers.

And anyway, it is insuferably arrogant for Auslin to suggest workers should move into new jobs. What was wrong with the old jobs they liked, which paid properly and which allowed them to support their families? What was wrong, although unstated, was that the 1percenters who own these businesses weren’t making the absolute top dollar they could. By moving to China they could cut their labour costs by 80 to 90 percent and sell the same goods at lower prices at Wal*Mart. Woopee!

This crude, ugly, selfish trading system is referred to by Auslin as “liberal global order.” I say if that’s what’s on offer, it’s no wonder America voted for President Trump.

The other big assertion of free traders is that globalization is the natural order of things; that it’s like darwinism or clestial mechanics. Well, if it is, why are they so worried about the Trump victory. Here’s Auslin biting his nails:

Most worrying is the move away from support for that post-Second World War order.”

Worrying if you happen to be a globalist, a free trader, or a Wall Street banker. The idea that citizens could take control of their countries and bend the politicians to their will has never occurred to these vultures. They need to land their corporate jets and get back to reality. You can’t keep ruining the pesants forever without some kind of push-back.

Having said that, I think Auslin still doesn’t understand, doesn’t feel the pain, doesn’t grasp what he’s saying. He just does not know the world. It’s a sad commentary on someone who is presumably a smart man.

November 9, 2016

TRUMP! Yes! Thank God

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The white middle and working class in America rose up yesterday and took back their country. By rejecting Hillary Clinton they also rejected globalization, free trade, out-of-date alliances, middle east warmaking, mass immigration, climate change and political correctness. All hail the American working class.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence

As a number of Alt-Right commentators have said, this was a critical vote, the last chance for America to regain its ethnic, racial and cultural balance. Even one more four-year period might have been enough to permanently skew the electorate in favour of rent-seeking leftists, blacks, Muslims and Middle Eastern, African and Mexican immigrants. This was the last ditch before the invaders raised their flags, birthed their warriors and stormed the citadel.

It was also an astonishing manifestation of a proposal made 16 years ago by Alt-Left commentator Steve Sailer. That proposal, known as the Sailer Strategy, was that the Republican Party should and can only win, not through “outreach”/minority pandering, but by “inreach”/mobilizing its own (white) base.

The strategy was promoted by Ann Coulter and subsequently acted upon by billionaire Donald Trump. He identified two key pillars of the strategy: cut immigration to preserve the jobs we have and end free trade to repatriate the factories that have moved overseas for lower labour costs. When these come back–and they will come back–American workers are going to be re-hired, American families are going to stick together, American birthrates are going to rise and American prosperity is going to skyrocket.

And yet it was so close. The Cultural Marxists in the media, academia and government nearly won the battle. This was, as the Duke of Wellington remarked about Waterloo, “a damned nice thing – the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life.”

Three groups have a lot to answer for: America’s women, it’s blacks and its Latinos. A majority of women voted for Hillary despite her lack of policy and obvious criminality (1). Blacks and Latinos voted race. The former is inexcusable, the later is obvious. The waving of Mexican flags outside Trump rallies was a clear indication Mexican Americans aren’t really Americans at all.

Now the work begins, starting with the Wall.

Let those snivelling globalists, virtue-signalling moralists, leftists, Communists and social justice warriors run for their lives. They should be upended, suspended, retired, fired and humiliated.

Oh how they deserve it. Thank you God.

Thank you Donald Trump!

(1) Some 53 percent of white women voters supported Trump, 42 percent of women voters overall.  Yahoo News suggests this showed Trump “fared well” with women voters because they probably think he shouldn’t have received any female votes. My view is that 53 percent was too low. Ten percent more, 63 persent of white men, supported Trump.

October 27, 2016

America’s Moment of Truth

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This is your chance. You can retake control of your country. Please vote TRUMP.

October 18, 2016

Proof the U.S. Election is being Rigged by the Democrats

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The Hillary campaign has been hiring thugs to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies. Here’s the proof:


Oh, and Hillary’s operatives are also committing massive voter fraud.

And these are the criminals the Media is rooting for. It makes me want to throw up.

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